Frequently Asked Questions

Technical and Product

  • Do we offer prescription lenses?
    Glad you ask, cause that’s what we do best. In fact the company was founded on the idea of making prescription lenses online. However, it’s a risky business making precision work without having you as a customer face to face, ensuring important measuring of eye position in the frame you choose. This is why a visit in the shop is the best choice always.


  • How does changing lenses works?
    It’s a very easy job. We have cutting machines that will cut new lenses to your frame within 10 minutes. Most lenses can be replaced, but we don’t recommend spending money on new lenses in a cheap or outworn frame. It’s a known risk, old frames can break in this process, and if the frame breaks its unfortunately not compensated. We encourage recycling and reuse of old frames, but at your own risk, if frame breaks



  • Can I wear glasses at night / inside?
    Yes why not. Regular glasses is of course useful at night, but also “shades”, as we call light toned glasses, can we worn at all times. Shades will make you stand out from the crown, and you can be as expressionistic as you’d like.


  • Does non-prescription lenses have any kind of magnification?
    No not at all. But some people do register a small difference looking through the material. Light travels a little different through the lenses, and if you look to the side through the lens, the light can bend and change what you see.



  • How should I clean my glasses?
    NEVER use hot water!!!!! Never use pure dishwashing soap!!! ALWAYS use an alcoholic liquid to remove grease. Spray front and back on lens, use your thumb and index finger to distribute the liquid and feel if sand or other things sit on the lens. You cannot feel small scratchy grains if you use a cloth directly. A cotton cloth is step two, to clean off the liquid. After this cloth you use the microfiber cloth for the perfect shine. The microfiber cloth should be able to keep your glasses clean the rest of the day. NEVER make the microfiber cloth wet. You will end up with a cloth making your glasses more greasy than clean. If needed, wash the microfiber cloth in 40* C without using softener.


  • Are all frames unisex?
    This is your call. We have an idea of who would be most likely to purchase a frame, male or female. However, most frames looks good on both men and women. We don’t recommend cat eye shapes for men, other than this, feel free to do your own thing!


  • Do I need eye test to buy lenses with prescription? If you have problems seeing far or near, with your current solution, an eye test is needed. If not, we can use your current prescription. Making a second pair of eyewear, or a sunglass, we recommend using same prescription to prevent two different prescriptions.



  • Where to find us?
    Vintage by Foss is based I Roskilde, Denmark. More specifically at Musicon. It’s easy to access, and surrounded by numerous facilities worth visiting.

  • How I can contact you?
    Best way is by email, but if you need it, feel free to call.

  • How long respond takes?
    Within 1 day emails are replied. Phone is answered if possible, and calls are returned ASAP.

  • Do you restock?
    The philosophy behind this company, is making most people possible unique. A restock would mean more people looking alike. We don’t like this. But we promise you can get a similar product if we run out of stock.


Shipping & Returns

  • Where do we ship?
    World wide

  • How do we ship?  
    Personal pick up or sending by post. We always send frames with a tracking solution.

  • Where are we shipping from?

  • How much shipping costs?
    It depends on the destination of package. Purchases in Denmark are free of charge. Stating price for shipments abroad is 10€

  • When will international free shipping by applied?
    It won’t. We’re not big enough for that.

  • What if I live outside of EU? (duties/VAT)

  • How long shipping takes to:
    • Europe 4 days
    • Denmark 2 days
    • Rest of the world from 4 days

  • If I want to return or change glasses?
    We give you a return label to use. However make sure the product is flawless, we wont accept usage signs in any matter!

  • Can I track my order?

  • I haven’t receive item, what should I do?
    Start by tracking, then email or call. We take this very seriously.

  • I received damage item, what should I do?
    Please document this same day you unpack. If you have a damaged box when you pick up the package, please document this too. We supply you with a new frame as soon as we know about the issue.


Warranty & Repairs

  • Warranty on glasses and sunglasses covers screws that loosen and if lenses fall out or does not fit properly. Scratches, broken metal or broken plastic is not part of warranty. Frames does not break without force. Most people don’t register when and how the frame is getting broken, but suddenly It breaks. Some welded parts, can break without force. We call it a cold welding. It’s a clean break between to spots welded together. This we cover, however, if it looks damaged in any other way, we don’t cover. Always contact your own insurance company, and make sure you have coverage for eyewear in your insurance.