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Daniel Foss, owner of the company

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The company, Brilleglas.nu, was established in the spring of 2018 by me - Daniel Frank Foss, owner and founder of the company. In 2020, the company was renamed Brilleglas.nu ApS with a new business Vintage by Foss ApS.

I have been a trained optician since 2010, and have extensive experience in optical solutions, repairs, frame counseling and customer service. The concept behind Vintage by Foss is based on personal customer care and focus on the crafting of eyewear. I'm basically driven, to do what i do, because of my previous job. At a small private optician's shop in the heart of Nørrebro - Copenhagen.



Focus on sustainability, recycling and quality as well as second-hand vintage frames, hand picked and recycled



Within 4-6 business days *. If we have your strength glasses in stock and you meet in the workshop you can get new glasses in 15 min.


Since 2010

Long experience in optical solutions, repairs, frame counseling and customer service


My story

My story begins in 2010, with a mentor, who has had a huge impact on my career. Erik, a kind and generous soul, with a rare distinguished and unique sence for eyewear trends and fashions. The shop was called Salling C Optik, named after Erik Salling Christiansen. With the artistically decorated windows surrounded by French-looking storefront, the store was an absolute favorite throughout the city. He was personally interested in his many clients, which ranged from the CEO to the homeless guy. This gifted and elegant second-generation optician led customers on a guided adventure tour through the shop. The first stop was an expert eye test, and then, in close interaction with the customer, began a purposeful and stylish hunt for the perfect optical frame. It was Erik's greatest pleasure to see the customer leaving the shop, with clarity and a personal style, 1 year ahead of the rest. He always pushed the customer slightly over the edge, encouraging them to become more, and express themselves more. It seemed to work beautifully, and people kept coming back.

I met Erik at the right time in my life, and we embarked a very exciting journey through the outer corners of the universe of glasses. 
Just where "impossible is nothing!"

With my own optician experience, since 2010, I want to continue Erik's personal customer care and focus on the craftmanship. We not only offer prescription glasses or sunglasses. We also change your sunglasses to regular glasses and vice versa, restore your favorite old frame, replace sunlenses in old sunglasses. Or maybe you need help, restoring your fleemarket find og Grandpas old Aviators. We repair, customize and refresh. All at affordable prices -all customized to your needs.

Look forward to greet you in person or speak to you.
Daniel Frank Foss